These days, I come home, lock the doors, and feel something I didn’t feel for several years in my life: I feel safe.  A woman’s world is upside down when she finds more safety outside her home than in it. For every year that fear and shame kept me quiet, I’ve vowed that in freedom and hope, I will speak out.

For so many of us - one in four women – domestic abuse is the unsavory reality between moments enjoyed outside the home. Abuse isn’t discriminatory either: it embraces every race, religion, socio-economic status, educational background, gender and family upbringing.  But the stigma is a strong tide, and in this ocean, we quiet ourselves.

I wrote this song for a woman I will never meet, but with whom I likely have more in common than either of us would care to admit.  I wrote it for her, for the one in four of your friends and neighbors, and the one in four reading this. 

Friends, this is too important to ignore. For all of you who are the one in four, I have to tell you there is life on the other side.  Reach out to someone you can trust and tell them. 

Bad Man - Sherilyn - vocs, Johnny Sangster - guitar, farfisa