"If I Could Write" was the second song I wrote, and the first one I wrote after divorcing my musical (and literal) partner.  I was struggling with  what it meant to be an artist, a musician, and I found myself pleading for inspiration from some of my own muses: Leonard, Georgia and Harper.  

Just this month, Harper Lee announced that she was releasing a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird. It's not often that I have a song sitting around with a reference to an amazing author who's waited 50 years to release her next piece of, what I'd like to believe, is brilliant fiction. Though her original masterpiece was hardly forgotten, my friends and I found ourselves mystified that this great author was not only releasing a sequel, but that she was living at all.  

The media has conjectured much about her motives, or the motives of those managing her affairs, to finally release a work so many years later. But I wonder if her delay is purely the great artistic nemesis: the constant measuring of our next work against our last.  When I wrote this song, mine was a similar struggle.  Still is.  

I am choosing, though, in my own delayed and warped timing, to wrestle that nemesis to the ground. Hey, Johnny, at least I didn't wait the full 50...

"If I Could Write" - Vocals, keys: Sherilyn; Drums - Justin Collins; Bass - Clint Hoyler; Electric Guitar - Ryan Thomas Becker; Electric Guitar, percussion - Johnny Sangster

Georgia - Painting above by Sherilyn Segrest